The Reality

For over fifteen years, Jaap Bressers (1983) has stood on stages across the world as one of the Netherlands’ most successful speakers.

Besides being an inspirational speaker, Jaap is also a best-selling author. Jaap links engaging, personal stories to the challenges that companies face every day, managing to move and entertain people like no other. A unique blend of compelling content, inspiration, and a touch of humor at the right moments. The recurring theme throughout his talks is the power of the little things: how to use the little things to make a big difference for yourself and others. 

Strategy & solution

To draw the attention of as many businesses as possible and increase bookings, Jaap Bressers used Deluux’s performance marketing service and achieved excellent results.

The Numbers

By leveraging’s unique approach received great digital results. Both in quality traffic, leads as in growing revenue.

+79% YoY


+41% YoY


Jaap Bressers – Inspirational speaker, author and social entrepreneur

“ knows how to get the most out of the digital opportunities for our organization and continues to do so with great passion. By speaking from our core values and with the right tone of voice, knows how to surprise us time and time again.”


Luuk Goenee

Client Director & Founder